Rejection Broke Her by OfficiallyAmused
Rejection Broke Herby Em
(COMPLETED) * "Look, Mavis, you're a beautiful girl with lots of potential and I'm so sorry about this but I reject you, Mavis Anders, as my mate." My bo...
  • wattys2017
  • mate
  • soulmates
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You Rejected Your Future Queen by denisselovesbooks101
You Rejected Your Future Queenby denisselovesbooks101
Princess Aphrodite Kingsman is the first women In her generation to take the throne as Queen of Creatures Of The Night which are known as werewolves. She goes with her f...
  • war
  • heartbreak
  • queen
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Consequences [BxB] by Yeon-Jae
Consequences [BxB]by Hyun-Ji
Hunter, the next in-line Alpha, is your typical bully. He constantly taunted and intimidated the weak ones in his pack, to such an extent, making them hate their very ow...
  • alphaxbeta
  • guilt
  • maturethemes
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Reject me, now forget about me by ScarHunt2017
Reject me, now forget about meby Scar Hunt
SLOW REWRITE!!!!! (Very special thanks to Ianthamoore For the cover) "Soooooo... who's pack do I have to train?" I asked both Eli and Jeremy. Eli...
  • fighting
  • heartbreak
  • revenge
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Moon Warrior by fatimina1101
Moon Warriorby Fatima Badaoui
Here is the Sample of my book. You can find the complete story on dreame, the link is on the AUTHOR NOTE. -♣-♣-♣- [COMPLETED] Skylar James is a werewolf, she is the thir...
  • vampire
  • hunters
  • special
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Rejected By Gamma Koby  by loveunikornmagenta
Rejected By Gamma Koby by loveunikornmagenta
Scarlet Peters the first child of the werewolf's king and queen and next to be queen was sent by her father to find her mate, straight forward you would think?, well no...
  • alphakingchild
  • rejection
  • demon
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A Never Noticed Mate by ElsaQuinn
A Never Noticed Mateby ElsaQuinn
REJECTION That's the one word that everyone's fears, the one word that could make even the strongest cry. In this cruel and selfish world no one one wants to be ignore...
  • romance
  • soulmate
  • secondchance
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My Second Chance Mate, Is Royal by hannahmagalski
My Second Chance Mate, Is Royalby hannahmagalski
When annabeth decided that she had enough of her mate sleeping with every single girl in his pack, she decides to reject him, and later meets her second chance mate. Wi...
  • werewolf
  • rejection
  • love
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Moon's Assassin by Jenevieve00
Moon's Assassinby Jenevieve00
Rejected by her mate because she was thought to be weak. Diana has been alone her whole life. Never being loved, but she believed in her mate. She believed he would sav...
  • secondchance
  • assassin
  • alpha
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The Hunting Game (Rejection Series #1, Edited✔) by RamenLady
The Hunting Game (Rejection Leila Vy
(Completed. Edited by: RonnyRotten) °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Rejection has never been sweeter For Patience, life gets interesting when rejection by the one fated to be yours thr...
  • omega
  • alpha
  • reject
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You wish you knew me now (editing) by vintage
You wish you knew me now (editing)by vintage
Mariah was raped, bullied, abused and rejected by her own mate. Her own flesh and blood never cared about her, made her life hell. But once she gets kicked out of her...
  • werewolf
  • pain
  • rejection
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Nerdy to Badass Werewolf [#Wattys2017] by Amb3rmart1ns
Nerdy to Badass Werewolf [ Someone Named Amber
Editing at the moment _____________________________________ Book 1 of Rejection Series ____________________________________ Skylar Maine was always bullied in her school...
  • vampire
  • badass
  • ancients
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My Savior  by Pineaplle_vs_Pizza
My Savior by xxPizza_Pineapplexx
Eliza Oakland has been bullied by her pack ever since her parents died. When she finally turns 17 she finds her mate but he rejects her immediately. That was Eliza's la...
  • abuse
  • werewolf
  • suicideattempt
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The Beta's Unwanted Mate  by Love_Yourself_10_x
The Beta's Unwanted Mate by anshita
#1 werewolf #1 teenfiction "That night meant nothing to me Olivia." "You were just like another girl to me." He smirked, "and you KNOW how I do...
  • luna
  • abuse
  • betrayal
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Sex with an Alpha by DevilsWearingPrada
Sex with an Alphaby Whitney Murphy
⚠️Mature Audiences only⚠️ Book 1 of Wolves of the Moon Series Evangelica Roads had given up on love after her mate found another, now she simply needs to scratch that i...
  • death
  • drama
  • alpha
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My Mate is Engaged to my Sister by shazalishiousauthour
My Mate is Engaged to my Sisterby Shaz
Annabelle Collins is a seventeen year old werewolf. She is the daughter of Alpha Matthew Collins of the Rebels pack. Her older sister Isabella Collins is engaged to Alph...
  • alpha
  • humor
  • romance
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The Alpha's Reject by allenah_grace
The Alpha's Rejectby Book_Babe_
Zac Moon was the soon to be alpha of the Blood Moon pack. He was a typical player; using girls and treating them like toys. He never wanted a mate so when he found her...
  • wattys2017
  • mate
  • werewolf
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My Rejected Mate. -boyxboy- M-preg  by Baby_Jesus12
My Rejected Mate. -boyxboy- M-preg by ~Queen_pedant~
First book of the series. This is my first boyxboy story, I hope you guys will like it. Sorry if you will find any mistakes in my gramma if you'll see any please tell m...
  • abuse
  • selfharm
  • heat
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REJECT by satans_wife01
REJECTby satans_wife01
after she was rejected by her mate alpha Lucius because of her skin color, Julia escapes from Borneo She moves to the city where she finishes her studies and gets a high...
  • love
  • mates
  • interracial
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Deception {edited 3.0}{Completed} by SNNair
Deception {edited 3.0}{Completed}by S.N Nair
-Highest Ranking: No.48 in Wattpad's Werewolf Genre - Placed first in its genre in the 2018 Universe Awards -Placed first in its genre in the 2018 Titan Awards - Won th...
  • pantheratigris
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  • broken
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