Chapter 79: To Find the Past?

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Sammie's POV
I stared at Vincent's dad in horror and embarrassment. My face red turned redder by each second. His dad just blinked and his face turned red. He turned away.

"Ju-Just don't ugh! I'm going out!"his dad yelled throwing his hands in the air and closed the door before leaving.

As soon as he closed the door I pushed Vincent's chest. "Get it out." I hissed.

"Sammie."he pouted then moved making me moan.

"St-Stop." I said trying to control my moaning.

"Your mind is telling me no but your body, your body is telling me yes!"he sung and I glared. "Do you really want me to stop?"he asked pulling out a bit making me moan softly.

"N-No." I said looking away. "But your dad caught us." I said.

"He'll get over it." Vincent said pulling out completely. I moaned softly and he smirked. "Let's take a shower."he said getting up.

I blushed more. "Not to-together."I said and he rolled his eyes.

"Fiiiine."he said.

Vincent's POV
We're all at Derrick's right. Playing video games. Well except Jamie. Turns out he doesn't like video games.

"Heeey get us some snacks." I say to Sammie as he drops the controller since he lost.

"Sooo did you guys do it?" Derrick asked.

"DERRICK!" Jamie said turning red.

"What?" Derrick said killing me on the game.

"Eh we got disturbed." I said.

"Hahahaha really?! By who?" Derrick laughed and I glared.

"My dad." I said and Jamie looked my way and Derrick stopped laughing. They looked at eacht other then it got quiet.

"What?" I ask.

"Uhhh nothing." Derrick said starting the game again..

"Uhhhh something." I said.

"Look-" Derrick started to say.

"Get all that uck out your throat and just say it." I said.

"Obviously something happened between Kenny and your dad!" Derrick yelled.

"But dad's not gay or bi." I said.

"We how do you know?" Jamie asked.

"Well...I don't know. He told me how they we're close friends and then one day he moved away. Story short." I say shrugging and starting to fight Derrick's character.

Derrick paused the game. "Let's get Lenny's version." Derrick said.

"Uhhh." I said as Sammie came up with chips.

"Good idea." Jamie said.

"What's going on?" Sammie asked.

"We're going on a trip to the past." Derrick said walking past him.

"Yeah." Jamie said following Derrick.

"What?" Sammie asked me.

"I don't know. Let's go see what their planning." I sighed.

At the mall

"Lenny!" Derrick yelled as Lenny put a box down.

"You are on off. Your not suppose to be here to make me suffer." Lenny said.

"We're here to ask questions." Jamie said and Lenny lift up and eyebrow.

He looked at all of us. Then he crossed his arms. "What kind of questions?"he asked.

"Well it has to do with the past." Derrick said.

Lenny slanted his eyes. "If it's about what I think it is....drop it."he said.

"Please just answer a few questions." Jamie said.

"No." Lenny said starting to walk away.

We all followed and he started walking faster.

"Lenny watch out!" I said and he bumped into someone who was carrying a lot of papers.

"$hit!"the guy said and then I saw dad. Lenny's eyes widen and dad looked at him. "Lenny always been clumsy."dad said shaking his head while picking up the papers. "Plus you haven't called me."he said and glanced at his hand where the phone number was long gone.

"I-I...."Lenny stared at him for a while. "Good bye." Lenny said turning to us and then he glared at us.

"Hey!"dad said turning Lemmy around. "At least help me out. Boys y'all help too."he said.

"Yes sir."we all said except for Lenny.

Lenny just rubbed his arm where dad touched. Dad glanced at him and sighed. "What is wrong?"dad asked and put his hands on Lenny's shoulders.

Lenny stared at him for a while. "Why....? Why do you do this to me Van?" Lenny said looking away before pulling away and walking off.

I frowned and dad looked hurt and confused. Dad turned to us giving us a fault grin. "Let's clean this stuff up."he said.

Hmmm how to close this. Uhhhh byeeee my potatoes hahaha.

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