Their Little Ninja (A TMNT little sister fanfic!) by ThatWriter1399
Their Little Ninja (A TMNT J
Have you ever met a girl that lives in the sewers, has a mutated rat as her father/sensei, and four teenage mutant ninja turtles as her big brothers? Well, yo...
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Time is Ticking by emopotatonugget
Time is Tickingby Sammie Peixoto
Time is Ticking, better keep it going
  • emo
  • edgy
  • sisters
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Adopted by Olivia Benson by bensler4eva
Adopted by Olivia Bensonby Becca
A girl gets kicked out of the house by an abusive uncle. The one and only Olivia Benson stumbles upon her. The SVU squad has everybody from season 15 plus Elliott. Crage...
  • adopt
  • benson
  • order
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Edwards One Mistake by Samsamwolf
Edwards One Mistakeby Sammie Gourlay
Sammie and Edward had been together for a year but after one night where she gets a paper cut and Jasper runs at her, Edward trys to leave her. Sammie having depresion a...
  • depression
  • deppresion
  • twilight
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The Pain That She Didn't Think She Could Be Saved From by Samsamwolf
The Pain That She Didn't Think Sammie Gourlay
Sammie was abused. She was broken. She had constantly been told she was a freak and should die, so she believed it. She couldn't trust most people. People hated her. She...
  • love
  • draco
  • goodtom
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MAH ART  by emopotatonugget
MAH ART by Sammie Peixoto
one rule: DONT JUDGE.... please
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  • dontjudge
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That girl is MINE by sammie_8125
That girl is MINEby sammie
sakanya lang daw ako,,, pano kung hindi ako sakanya wala pa naman may alam kung sakanya talaga ako... para malamn nyo basahin yo ang story ko...
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Family bound by Samsamwolf
Family boundby Sammie Gourlay
Based off of Mrs. Feehans, Sea haven series starts after Earth bound. My family was dead. I was battered, Mayanna was battered. And we were in an old barn in Sea haven t...
  • seahaven
  • fehan
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