Chapter 11: Rival + Football Game Practicing

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That's the color of the two pom poms their using. But they're supposed to be round. Anyway to the story.

Vincent's POV
Today is the 12th and its Monday. I'm tired, I'm sweating, and Veronica is getting on my nerves. I hate that I have to see her face every day during and all after school.

"Why are you getting tired so quickly?" Veronica said smirking. "I guess you're too we- What are you doing?!" she yelled as I picked her up.

I threw her high in the air and she screamed. The girls just stared and Alexis looked horrified. Coach Marge smiled and shook her head as Veronica came falling down. I caught her.

"You could have killed me!" she yells.

"A thank you is what I was looking for," I said dropping her in the dust.

The cheerleaders laughed while Alexis came running over to her. My eyebrow went up. Then I smirked. Oh, I understand now.

"Alexis," I said tapping her on the shoulder.

She jumped and then looked up at me. She glared and then looked back at Veronica.

"I know your secret," I whisper in her ear when she was helping Veronica up.

"What!" she squeaked, dropping Veronica.

She grabs my arm and takes me by the bleachers. "What do you know?" she asked.

"I think you were going to tell me this last time. Weren't you?" I ask smirking.

"What are you talking about?" she asked shaking.

"You like Ver-" I started to say as her face flushed and she covered my mouth.

"Sh! She hates homos. Don't say another word. And yes I was going to say something dealing with the topic." she said.

I took her hand off my mouth. "I don't know where your hand has been," I said grossed out as she glares at me.

"Listen don't tell her or anyone," she said.

"Okay," I said.

"Okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess you're not as bad as I thought you were. And since I know you don't like Sammie we're good." I said.

"Why would you care if I like Sammie?" she asked.

"Because you would take him away from me. And unlike me, I would never leave my friend and forget them for someone I'm dating." I said.

"Yeah whatever," she said rolling her eyes.

The next day in the gym

"Okay let's play dodgeball!" Coach Kal yells then blows his whistle for us to start.

Derrick is on the other team. Meaning he will show Sammie and I know mercy. And guess what Mason is on our side and that means yeah more tension. It started with Sammie throwing a ball in the back of Mason's head.

"Hey! I'm on your side!" Mason yelled.

"I'm sorry your so tall and your head's so big I couldn't get the guy in front of you," Sammie said whistling like nothing happened.

"You did that on purpose!" Mason yelled.

"Of course I did," Sammie said shrugging with a big grin plastered on his face.

"Damn you," Mason said.

"Right back at you bitch," Sammie said smirking.

"Could you guys help me!" I yelled as we were losing more and more people on our side.

Then when I turned around Derrick got me. I put the middle finger up when the Coach was doing something. Derrick laughed as I walked on their side to the jail. I cursed under my breath.

"Welcome prisoner," Derrick said smirking.

"Welcome my ass." I hissed.

Sammie and Mason, we're still arguing but then eventually they were the only ones left on our team. Derrick had three more people with him on his side.

"You guys are going to have to work together!" I yelled and they glared at each other. I rolled my eyes. "Do it for me!" I yelled which got their attention.


And that's how our team lost. Mason got out and then it was Sammie V.S. and that did not go well. Now we're at the nurse's office missing some of lunch. Derrick and I were biting our lips to keep ourselves from laughing. We were waiting in her office with Sammie.

"I love your eye," I say as Derrick coughs to hide his laugh.

"You both are asses," he said pissed.

"Hey! I didn't say it he did." Derrick said pointing at me while grinning.

"And I didn't give him a black eye," I said grinning and nudging Derrick.

"Hey! I said I was sorry!" Derrick said dramatically.

"Sorry doesn't fix my eye." Sammie snapped.

"It looks beautiful with your pool colored-hahahahahaha!"I couldn't hold it back. And soon ad I started laughing so did Derrick.

"I hate you guys," Sammie said crossing his arms.

Poor poor Sam- hahahahaha! I can't I'm so sorry Sammie.

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