Chapter 41: Friday Night

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Surprise! Someone on another app really made my day and so did you guys, so I decided I'm in a pretty darn mood. Now this is going to sound weird but this is why. So this girl I guess she thought I was cool and all. Lol she asked if I was a boy and if I was older than her. Then she told me her age and asked me if she could call me oppa. And in my head I'm like (≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/
Lol XDXDXDXD. I'm not a boy. I don't know why it was so funny to me. But I couldn't stop laughing. I always thought I would be mad if someone mistaken me as a boy online. Then I researched what oppa was because after all that laughing I was thinking what the heck does oppa mean. Look it up and it's what a female calls an older guy/ big brother. Or something like that. So I messaged XD lol I'm a girl. And yes I am older. I wouldn't mind being called oppa if there isn't one you can call an older female. But anyway sorry to the story.

Vincent's POV
I stared at him. He flushed and looked away. What did he actually do exactly? I felt pressure on the pillow that's it.

"Did you sit my face?!" I yelled with my own face heating up.

"Wait! What!? No!"he yelled as his face heated up more.

"I don't trust you." I said shaking my head. "I'm leaving." I said getting up and he glared at me. "Weirdo." I said as I closed his door behind me.

After going home. I was trying to figure out what Sammie did. Whatever he did must of been embarrassing.

"What are you thinking about?"dad asked as he walked in.

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