Chapter 58: Until Midnight

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After this chapter their will be time skips. Also my dad, sister, and I are going to try to stay up until midnight.

Vincent's POV
We all went to my house to watch TV to watch the ball drop in New York.

"So Derrick's gay?"dad said drinking his drink.

"Yeah." I said smirking.

I guess some of you guys are wondering what happened after that kiss?

Well Sammie started stuttering and his face turned completely red.

"Wha-What kind of experiment was that?!"he yelled with his hand over his lips while we all laughed.

Then my phone rang and dad asked us to come home. "We gotta go." I said and Sammie still wouldn't look at me.

And now we're here waiting until midnight.

"Sammie is acting spacey, what you do?"dad asked.

"I kissed him." I said smiling nervously.

"Oh, huh I wonder what's going through that boy's mind?"dad said taking a drink again.

Sammie's POV
He kissed me? But he said as an experiment. But what was the experiment exactly?! I can't even look at him or I'll feel my face growing hot. Oh my gosh and what about my bet with the Coach?

"Samuel."a voice said and I jumped.

"Oh Jamie." I said and he smiled.

"You should tell Vincent how you feel."he said and if I had a drink I would of spit it out. Instead I started coughing.

"It's not that easy." I said.

"Oh it would be if you two weren't so damn dense." Derrick said coming along.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I asked.

They both glared at me. "I can't wait to kiss at midnight." Jamie said jumping up and down and Derrick flushed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh lucky you." I said rolling my eyes.

Derrick and Jamie smiled at each other. "It's a shame Vincent is being ignored by his best friend." Derrick said smirking.

"Oh don't you start." I said rolling my eyes.

"And who knows how he's feeling right now?" Jamie said smirking.

"I get it!" I said and walked to the kitchen.

"Vincent." I said and his dad and him turned to look at me. "I...can I talk to you alone." I said looking down.

"Good luck."his dad whispered to me.

I gulped as Vincent took a seat down and just stared at me. "Your being creepy." I said and he laughed.

"Sorry."he said smiling.

"Vincent I'm-" I started to say.

"Sammie I've been wondering who this guy is you like so much."he said and my face heated up. "But I know your not gonna tell me."he said sighing. "Sammie I don't like the thought of you liking another guy."he said and my heart skipped a beat.

It's you dumb dumb.

I smiled. "What are you smiling for?"he said glaring at me.

"Vincent do you like anyone?" I asked and instantly his face heated up.

"Yeah."he said.

"Who?" I asked feeling my heart shatter a bit.

"Sammie I-"he started to say.

"Countdown!"it said on the TV.

We all ran up to it.

"10." Vincent's dad said.

"9." Jamie said.

"8." I said.

"7." Derrick said.

"6." Vincent said.

"5." Derrick, Jamie, and I said.

"4." Vincent, his dad, and I said.

"3." Derrick, Vincent, and his dad said.

"2." Jamie and I said.

"1!"we all yelled.

Derrick and Jamie kissed.

"Sammie." Vincent said.

"Yeah?" I said turning and he kissed me.

"Happy New Years."he said and my face heated up. His mouth opened and his lips were moving but fireworks were going off. But the last thing I heard was. ""from him.

What did Vincent say? Will Sammie ever know. Am I evil? Yes at times. Hahahahaha *cough cough* Not really. I'm an easy gal to get along with. Sorry this was a bit short my potatoes.

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