Chapter 71: Last Game

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Vincent's POV
Next thing you know February is over and it's March. Sammie and I haven't's my fault I know. A pang of guilt hits me anytime I see him. Especially if he looks at me sadly. Why did I do it? Well...I was confused and pissed. He really wasn't making any sense to me that day. Not one bit. But it doesn't matter right now. As us cheerleaders walk out to cheer. Ugh. Well at least the parents that knows our school is use to me now.

I glance and see Sammie. Vincent be a man. I come closer to him.

"Sammie good luck." I whispered and he smiled a bit.

"Yeah."he said nodding.

I was being sorta of an ass. Okay...maybe a lot. But I can't keep things between us like this. If he doesn't see my feelings then I'll show it. I nod my head to myself.

After cheering we sit on the bleachers drinking water. Our school is sorta losing. Not a surprise. I sighed as I took a sip of my water. Eventually Mason was helping us get some points. Poor Sammie was sitting still with some other players. After this they are taking a break.

Mason has the ball and starts running. Guys are after him. Mason tries throwing the ball but gets tackled by all these guys. There's gasps all around.

"Foul!"someone yells.

I'm pretty sure not that many guys are suppose to tackle a person. People stood up. So did I in shock.

"Somebody call 911!"someone yelled.

Well $hit. I didn't know karma was gonna struck this bad.

As the ambulance comes down here. His mom is crying. Man I feel bad.

"Mason you gonna be okay?" I ask and he glances at me.

He opens his mouth but just shakes his head a bit. He looks so hurt but he's smiling.

"Sammie your gonna have to take his spot!" Coach yells.

"What?!" Sammie yells.

"Good luck midget." Mason said smiling a bit at Sammie.

"I can't play as good as you." Sammie said.

"You'll be fine kid." Mason said as they took him away.

Sammie glanced at the field and sighed.

"Hey they choose you! You can play." I said grinning trying to make him happy.

"But I can't play. I'm no good."he said sighing. "I'll make our team lose."he said.

My heart stung. He looked hopeless. I missed talking to Sammie. Teasing him...his eyes.

"They need you out there. It doesn't matter if you lose." I said and he looked up. "Just fight and give it your all." I said putting my hand on his shoulder. "I believe you can do it." I said and he looked in my eyes.

"Alright I'll do it."he said finally smiling.

"Good, go get them tiger." I said grinning and slapped his ass.

"Ah!"he yelped and turned to me bright red.

I winked. "I'll be cheering for ya so don't fuck up to badly." I said and he smiled a bit.

"O-Okay."he said putting his helmet on.

Yeah....the feeling is still there.

As we all get back settled and they get back to the game I tell the cheerleaders to help me and cheer a bit. Alexis and Veronica helped me make them cheer.

After some loses and wins. Derrick had the ball and guys we're after him.

"Hey!" Derrick yelled getting Sammie's attention. "Catch!"he yelled and threw the ball before he got tackled.

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