Chapter 65: February La La La

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For some reason my phone wouldn't let me write or any of that. But today it's letting me. So here is thee story. And I would like you guys to read some of my families' books. Gay_penguino Courtney202010 JacquesLawson they have good books.

Sammie's POV
January ended quickly and now February is going fast. It's already almost....ya know Valentines Day. And yet I'm probably gonna lose yet again another bet with the Coach. I don't why he keeps doing this though. And guess what? It's snowing a fucking lot all of a sudden. So no school which is gonna haunt us later of course.... But at least I have no school today and tomorrow and then weekend! At least that's what I thought until I got freaking sick.

"Your burning up Sammie."mom said taking her hand away from my forehead.

Fuck sickness. Fuck this and fuck you too snow. Now I can't ask Vincent on a date for Valentines Day which is fucking in two damn days.

"I hate my life." I grumbled.

"That's probably why your sick for saying such a thing."mom said.

"Bye mom." I said and I could tell she was about to slap me.

I heard the house phone ring. Yeah I know. Who in the hell in this generation has a house phone? Well us apparently.

"I'll be back."she said about to close the door.

"Don't rush." I said and she glared at me.

Vincent's POV
Myyyy pooooor baby hahahahaha! Sammie got sick and he's pissed. His mom couldn't call off work so you know what that means....Time to have FUN!

Ding dong. Ding dong. Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding.

The door fly's open and I see a flushed pissed off Sammie.

"Sup." I said grinning but then he slammed the door and I heard him groan. "Hey?" I said knocking on the door. "Are you gonna just leave me out here in the cold?" I ask and move back when he opens the door.

"Go home. I'm sick, I don't want you catching it."he said and I heard the door lock.

I sighed and went home. I left him alone the next day but now it's Valentines Day. He might be sick and it might be snowing but it's not fair he's inside all day on this day.

Sammie's POV
I was depressed on Valentines Day, I couldn't go anywhere.

I turn in my bed and then I hear taps at my window. I turn to look at my window and see rocks getting thrown at it. I get up and open my window. And I see the culprit. I glare down at Vincent.

"Stop throwing rocks at my window." I said and he smiles then rolls his eyes.

"Their pebbles."he said.

"Don't care, stop throwing them." I said.

"Let's go out."he said throwing up a pebble gently up and catches it in his hand.

"Huh?" I said flushing.

"Come on it's Valentines."he said.

"It's snowing." I said looking up and then back down at him.

"Has that stopped us before?"he asked smiling and lifting a eyebrow up.

I stayed silent and was about to close my window.

"Come out or I'm coming in."he said and I sighed.

"I'm suppose to stay inside. Plus I'll get even more sicker." I said rubbing my eye. "Mom will get mad." I said.

"Come down here or I'm coming up."he said.

"Fine." I huffed and closed my window.

And here I am sneezing. "Where are we going Vincent?" I asked.

"Somewhere."he said grinning and I looked at him unsure.

Confessions huh?

What could happen? Welp hopefully tomorrow I can update again. Peace out my potatoes.

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