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You sat restless on the plane next to Jack. The school was letting all advanced electives go to Disneyland for a competition. You, being in drama, got to go with Jack and (bff). You and the other 15 kids were flying to L.A. and since it was really early, you were going into the park later in the evening after dinner. Only in California Adventure though, because World Of Color was at 9:45.

You looked at the window and watched the clouds slowly drift you to sleep. When you woke up, you got off the plane and Ms.Jones ushered everyone to their bags and hotel. You shared a room with (bff). Jack shared with Adrian, (bff)'s boyfriend. You put on a collared button up shirt and a vest and black pants. You put your hair in a ponytail and looked in the mirror. "Lets go!!" (bff) said. You nodded and the two of you ran to the boys' room. They stood at the doorway, waiting for you two. Jack wore the exact same thing as you, but kaki pants instead. You rolled your eyes and the four of you joined everyone else. 

The night was perfect. You had a snack and soda at a club called 1901, went on a lot of rides, and saw World Of Color. Your eyes sparkled at the amazing philology as Jack gave you a smile. He softly kissed you and you blushed 50 shades of red. He smirked and you intertwined your hand in his. 

The next morning was a performance day. The whole day, you rehearsed for your play, Wicked. You got a background part and Jack got the same. But your best friend got the lead, Galinda. Another girl, one of your friends, was Elphiba, and Feiro was Adrian. The play went extremely well and you moved on to the quarter finals. 

You eventually won with Into The Woods and got a trophy and plaque. You and the rest of the class were extremely proud of yourselves. The ride back home was filled with chatter and comments. When you got back home, Leo and Monica greeted you. "Lets go home now", Monica said and you nodded, walking with them to your home, where it all started. 

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