You Discover Your Biggest Fears: Leo

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(A/n: your biggest fear is that all your friends and people you love will turn against you and hurt you and say that your a horrible person and leader....hint HINT)

Leo and you sat down in the dojo, meditating for a little while. Not for long. You both heard noises as a scream and yelp emerged in your silence. Leo got up and dragged Mikey and Raph out of the dojo and continued with you as you both meditated. Half an hour later, you both got up and walked out. While you walked out, something hit you in the neck. "(Y/N)!!" Leo screamed in what sounded to you like slow motion. Your vision blurred and then went black.

You woke up to children yelling and chatting. You stood up and realized you were at school. You punched yourself and didn't feel anything. Two six grade boys came marching towards you, followed by four other boys behind them. The whole first grade was yelling at you. "You suck!!" "Your ugly!!" "Go cry a river!!" Then, one voice you'd never thought you'd hear spew venom yelled, "We all know that your a horrible leader!! JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER!!"

You turned as tears flowed down. Jack stood near the first graders and smirked. "Your also the weakest punk I ever saw!!" Someone yelled. You felt tears stream down your face. "What? Gonna cry now?? Well, wah wah wah!!" Someone spar back. You knew this was what you feared most. Almost. They all started to kick you and soon all walked away, leaving you in the shivering rain all bruised and cut and sore. You felt light-headed and screamed. That's when you heard glass shatter and a voice yell your name. "Dad!!" You yelled. He yelled again and you fainted.

You woke up with a jolt and sat up in bed. You dad and uncle Donnie ran in and saw you. You felt tears escape your eyes and Leo hugged you as you quietly cried. Donnie rubbed your back as your cries died to sniffles and those sniffles soon faded. Leo wiped a tear from you face and smiled at you. You sniffled as he hugged you again. "It was just a dream", he said softly. You nodded as Donnie took you to his lab and checked you for any signs of damage. "Nothing but a scary dream I guess. She hasn't eaten in a couple days so that might be why", Donnie said. Leo nodded and dragged you to the kitchen so he could make you pizza.

Later on, you sat in your room and stared at pictures on the wall. You heard a soft knock on the door. "May I come in child?" Master Splinter asked. "Yes Sensei", you said as he opened the door. He sat down on the bed and motioned for you to sit. You sat next to him as he started talking.

"I know that you had a bad dream, but do you remember anything about it?" He asked. You nodded and spent the next few minutes describing your horrible experience. Sensei nodded when you finished. "I will talk to your father about it then", he said and walked out.

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