A Performance No One Will Be Forgetting: Leo

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You slammed your hand on the alarm clock and looked at it. "8:00?! I'm gonna be late!!" You said and jumped out of bed. You put on your school clothes as Justin watched you and wimpered. You patted his head and dashed out. "Hi dad, I'm late, I have to go, be there later please? Ok bye!!" You said to Leo as you rounded up all your gear for school. Today you got to have one period to rehearse your play, then you had to perform the rest of the day. Each period would be a new class and all drama classes were to watch it. You being in advanced had the leading female role of the little girl. Your play was a medley of Disney songs from all different Broadway productions the school did, like Pocahontas, The Jungle Book, Snow White, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Beauty And The Beast, Mulan, Mary Poppins, Aladdin, Newsies, and then everyone came together and sang a couple ending songs. You were extremly excited for this. Jack was playing King Louie, Shang, and since he made the play back when he was little and Disney bought it, Newsies.

You peeked.out of the curtain and glanced around. Students, teachers and parents all smiles were waiting for the curtain to draw back. The theater was an outdoor one, so there was a small river and many rocks and a small horse pen. A native American actor took his place behind a rock and you sat down in the bed on stage.

The play started and you fell asleep and traveled to Pocahantus era and the actress sung and you were in in awe. You spotted your father and waved. He smiled at you. Jack smiled at you during his whole first part. When intermission came, you were sweating. Jack sat with you until you had to go back and the show went on.

Afterwards, the cast went out and greeted everyone. The crowd was amazed and shook your hand. Your dad and Monica hugged you. "That was AMAZING!!" Monica said. You smiled. "I do my best", you said. You knew they wouldn't forget this.

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