Happy Father's Day!!: Donnie

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You and Hou-ou were in the kitchen, early in the morning making brownies with the help of Mikey. You asked for his help because he prepared meals and such by himself so you need a little help and supervision.

You finally finished making brownies and ran into Donnie's lab with a cup of coffee, two lumps an one ounce of cream, the way he likes it (don't get any ideas fangirls). You woke him up and gave him the cup. He walked out with you. As soon as you walked out, April went up to Donnie. You growled. Honestly, April could be pretty annoying because you were afraid one day she's take Donnie away for more that a few minutes, but forever. You walked into the kitchen before noticing Casey talking to Mikey about brownies. You frowned and went into your room.

Donnie eventually got his brownies and had a good day with you and April, every time she went to the bathroom or somewhere, you'd start talking and when she came back, she'd interrupt and you'd stomp off to your room again and wait. You did a chart and figured out that 12% of his day was spent with you and the other 88% was with April. You weren't a very happy camper.

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