Happy Father's Day!!: Leo

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(Your still in kindergarten but this is during the summer before first grade. Btw you had a fabulous year.)

You crept out of your room at 6:00 sharp and walked into the kitchen. Justin was waddling along with you as you toasted toast and scrambled eggs. You put jam on the toast and poured a glass of oj. You then slowly crept to your father's door and pushed it open. You ran into your room and got the card you worked on for a few days and the Space Heroes shirt you requested that April got. You crept back to his room and lightly tapped his shoulder. He woke up and looked at you. "Happy Father's Day daddy!" You whispered. He smiled at you as you handed him his cards. He got out of bed and walked with you to the kitchen, where your breakfast laid, completely eaten. You looked horrified. "I made breakfast though...", you said. Leo smiled at you as Mikey walked by, licking jam off his fingers. You noticed this and so did Leo. "MIKEY!!" You both shouted. Mikey squeaked and ran for dear life as you chased him around the lair. Well, better than you expected to happen in Father's Day.

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