Like Daughter, Like Father: Raph

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Raph was in the kitchen, being taught by Mikey how to correctly cut a watermelon in lightning bolt shapes, since Donnie loved watermelon and, (according to Mikey), is a mad scientist who loves things on fire. You watched from the table as Raph tried to cut it. He ended up smashing the whole melon. This made him so anger he threw the knife away. When I meant "away", I meant at you.

It landed near your shoulder and armpit. You yelped in agony as Raph's eyes widened. "(Y/n)!!" He yelled and caught you before you fainted.

When you opened your eyes, you were in your room with the lights on a dim setting. You looked at your shoulder and saw a lightning bolt scar, exactly where your father had his. You heard a knock on your door. "(Y-y/n)? Can I come in?" Raph asked. "Ya", you replied as he opened the door. "I'm so sorry. I just lost it", he said. You nodded. "It's ok", you said.

Outside your door, the other four were pressing their ears to the door. "I think their both healing each other", Donnie whispered as they heard footsteps and dashed away.

"COME'RE YOU BASTARDS!!" Raph yelled as he chased his brothers around the lair.

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