Break Both Ends: Raph

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You were putting on your clothes when the shatter of glass was heard. You tied your tie and ran out. Ash was running away with a piece of glass lodged in her arm. You grabbed your backpack and went to the kitchen. "D-dad?" You asked. He had a guilty look on his face as you grabbed a granola bar. "I gotta go", you said and ran to school.

The day was frusurating. Test after test after test. Crutchie tried talking to you, but you ignored him. He caught you at the end of the day as you got out of soccer practice. "What's going on?" He asked. "Nothing!! I feel fine!!" You said and gave a fake smiled. "Something is", he said. "Maybe because your bugging me!!" You said.

"I'm trying to help!!"

"I don't want your help!!"


"Maybe I don't want you!!" You said. "WERE OVER!!" Crutchie said, leaving you stunned as he walked away. You pounded your fist into a nearby tree and ran home in tears.

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