Uncle Needs To Pay Attenetion: Raph

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   You were in the dojo with Mikey and he was warming up for late practice. He wiped the sweat from his face. "I'm gonna go and get water. Stay here ok?" Mikey said. You nodded and he walked out. You played with your blanket and smiled as you out  it on your head. "Hey (y/n), it's daddy. Come here", a someone said out near the living room. You got up and walked out. "Dada?" You asked. "Right here", a giant turtle said. He smirked at you and hit you with his weapon. You fell unconscious as he picked you up. He left a note in your blanket and carried you off with a devilish grin.

   When Raph got back, everyone looked everywhere for you. He found your blanket and note. It said: I have her. Join me Raphael, and I will set her free. He crumpled the note and threw it away. He grabbed his Sais and dashed out. "I'll be back. I'm gonna bash some shell!!" Raph called I've  his shoulder and ran to look for his little fighter.

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