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You put on your uniform and ran to the kitchen. Today was the first day of highschool, you had curled your hair and put on a headband (white and blue plaid). You packed two slices of pizza, little cookies called Chocoshrooms, and a Starbucks Frappicino (the kind of but at the store in the glass bottles). You opened it as you were walking toward the turnstiles of the entrance of the lair. Leo was waiting there. "Hope you have fun", he said and you hugged him. "Relax!! I'll be ok", you said. He hugged you again and you said good bye and ran toward the latter to up top. Monica watched you go and Leo looked sad. She hugged him. "It's ok. Jack's gonna look after her", she said. Leo sighed. "He'd better."

You ran to school and saw Jack waiting in the school yard. He saw you and ran at you. He had his scarf and hat on, but the rest was uniform. He lifted you off your feet and twirled around in a circle with you. "Hey", he said, pressing his forehead against yours. "Hey", you giggled. "Everyone inside please!!" The teachers yelled. "I have the same schedule as you, but I have Jazz bad when you take Masters Art", he said as you stopped at your new locker. Someone tapped in your shoulder. You turned and saw (bff's name) standing there. You hugged her. "Where were you all summer?!" You asked. "I was in Utah, but they have very sucky reception", she explain. The bell rang and she walked with you and Jack to Math.

During lunch, while Jack was getting some food since he buys lunch, you were sitting with (bff name) chatting when she had to go to her locker. You waited for her and while doing so, a few boys walked up to you. "Hey there sweet cheeks. I have my library card. Can I check you out?" One said. "Are you from Tennessee? Cuz your the only TEN I see", another said. You rolled your eyes. "Get the hell away from her", Jack said from behind the boys. They ran off. You smiled. "Thanks", you said as he sat down. "No one messes with you", he said and kissed your cheek, turning your face red.

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