Your In Some Deep Shit Today: Donnie

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You stood in the lab, watching Donnie run around trying to talk to you and do an experiment. "How was your day?" He asked. "Good."

"Anything new or cool happen?"


"Oh. So nothing to do WITH A BOY?!" Donnie yelled and looked at you. "Wha-" "I know you've been dating someone!! Don't think you can fool your dad!!" He said. You hung your head. Ally walked in and saw Donnie yelling at you. "And it doesn't make sense why you would do it!!" He said. "Donnie!! Why are you scolding her for loving someone?! You should be encouraging it!! What do you think it takes for me to do just to get down here? I have to lie every time I want to see you and (y/n)!!" She said. Donnie hung his head. "I'm sorry. But if he does anything to hurt you, I going to chop off his-" "OK!! She gets it!!" Ally interrupted. You nodded and walked out, leaving Ally to talk to Donnie about teenagers.

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