See You Again: Eveyone (Final Chapter)

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You packed up everything and all the things you needed for your flight in your backpack. Since you graduated, you were going to Stanford in San Jose, California. You rolled your suitcase out and stood in front of (turtle dad). He had puffy eyes. "I can't believe my little girl is going to college to be (career that matches given talent)", he said.

He drove you to the airport and parked. He let the tears slip as you hugged him. He didn't let go. "Dad, I have to go", you said. "I-I can't let you go yet", he said and you wiped a tear away from your face. "I'll take care of her Mr. Hamato", (bf name here) said. Leo nodded and sniffed. "Go. Make me a postcard", he said. You nodded and smiled through tears. "Man, your both making me wanna cry!!" Your bff said. You laughed. "Bye dad", you said and walked away, onto your flight. "By my little Ninja", he said and smiled softly. "I'll miss you. But I know you'll come back. One day", he said and turne so he could go home to the rest of his family.

While he was driving back, he thought of very thing you been through.

Finding you, your first costume and words, your first kidnap, your first day of school, your first boyfriend, you meeting Casey and April who disappeared and meeting (turtles girlfriend name) and your Disneyland performance and everything. He let the tears fall and you smiled, looking back at him. "I love you dad", you mouthed to him.

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