Hurt and Rise: Raph

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You sat down on the dojo carpet, watching your dad train with his brothers. "Last turtle standing wins", Master Splinter said. "Alright, dudes!! Let's-  offttt!!" Mikey said as he was nailed in the gut by Raph. "Hey!!" Mikey said. "Last one standing!! You're out Mikey", Leo said as he kicked Donnie off his feet. The two turtles came and sat next to you. The older two circled each other. "I'm not gonna lose, Lame-o-nardo", Raph spat at Leo. Leo smirked. "I don't plan on losing either", he said. Raph growled at Leo and charged. Leo kicked Raph in the plastron and Raph retaliated with a ninja star being thrown at Leo. Leo and Raph had sparred for a while when Leo kicked Raph again and he fell down. "Woohoo!!" Leo said as he hi-fived Donnie and Mikey. You growled at Leo.

   "Weo!!" You yelled. Leo looked at you. You narrowed your eyes at him. You pick up your dad's sais and throw them at Leo. He nearly dodged them as you grabbed his leg. No matter what he did, you wouldn't let go. "I'm sorry Raphael!! Just get her offa me!!" Leo calmly said with a hint of fear in his tone. Raph smirked and pulled you off Leo. "Weirdo", Raph said and took you to another room.

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