First Tooth Out: Donnie

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You were in the lab while your father did some work on his machine (soon to be the shell raiser btw). You sat and watched a few PBS kids stuff on YouTube because Donnie didn't trust anyone with you and your loose front tooth at the moment. "(Y/n), anata wa watashi ni renchi o eru koto ga dekimasu ka? Watashi wa watashi no tsukue no ue nokotte", Donnie asked (Can you get me the wrench? I left it on my desk). You grabbed the wrench and walked over. "Watch out!!" He said. You tripped over the toolbox ad faceplanted on the floor. Your tooth came out and you rushed to the sink in the lab and rinsed the blood out. You felt around and noticed a hole in your mouth. "Wow. Like father like daughter", Leo said. You threw the wrench at him as your father laughed.

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