Discovering Your Biggest Fear: Raph

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You punched the stuffing out of the bag as Raph watched you from a couple feet away. You then kicked it, sending it flying across the dojo room. It landed with a 'thud!' and you smiled at Raph. He nodded and gave you a half of a smile that looked similar to a smirk. You then dragged the bag and threw it back on the hook and pushed it to the side. "Ok. Today's lesson is learning how to sweep an opponent off his/her feet", Raph said. "Now, attack me", he said. You cocked an eyebrow. Raph stood with his hands behind his back. "Go on", he said. You shrugged and ran at him. You punched him, and nailed his jaw, as he bent down and swept his leg. You fell on your back and groaned. "Are you ok?!" Raph said. You wiped your face. "Peachy", you said. He chuckled and helped you up. You felt a pain in the back of your head and fell back down. You heard Raph faintly calling your name as you blacked out.

You woke up in a sewer tunnel and looked around. "Aww shoot", you said. You walked for a little but kept coming back to the same spot and the only reason you knew this was because you kept seeing the same Red Bull can near the corner of another tunnel. You grew very upset and frustrated and kicked the can into the tunnel. You heard a hiss sound and whipped around. You stared in absolute horror as a giant black recluse spider crept out of the tunnel. This thing was the size of you. You stared to run and scream as it followed you. You soon found the ground to be very crunchy and didn't really mind it until several hisses were heard. You grabbed your little flashlight and shore the floor. You were stepping in a bunch of cockroaches. You screamed and ran for it as the armies of bugs came after you calling your name and chanting for you to run and hide. You felt tears stream down your face as you wished you were back at home with your dad and uncles and grandfather. 

You jolted awake and ran out f your room. You found Sensei and started crying into his clothing. "What is it young one?" He asked. You explained your nightmare as he nodded every few sentences. "I hope you recover well. You know that it was just a dream and not a vision. If it was a vision, you would have been bouncing off the walls. But, you are safe see and always will be", he said. You smiled and wiped a few dried up tears off your face. "Thank you for the talk Sensei. I'm sure that my dad won't be happy about it. He'll deal with it", you said. After telling your dad and uncles, you slowly drifted off to a snore-less sleep. This time you didn't have any scary nightmares.

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