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You were in class when the bell rang and you ran out. Blink walked past you, handed you a note and kept walking while his face was red. You opened it up and this is what made you pull over in the hall and reread a ton:

You wanna know who I'm in love with?

Read the first word again.

You smiled and saw Blink at his locker. You kissed his cheek. "I take it as a yes?" He asked. You nodded. "Heck yes", you said.

He rode home with you but you departed about a couple blocks fro the manhole you were to go down. Kitty was in the alleyway and you smiled and hugged her.

"OMG!! THERES THIS GUY NAMED BLINK AND WEVE BEEN BESTIES SINCE KINDER AND HES NOW MY BF!!" You said. Kitty smiled at you. "I won't tell your dad", she said and winked. You smiled and walked back with her to the lair.

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