Finding You: Micheal Angelo

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  "Uncle!! UNCLE!!" Mikey yelled as Raph gave him a shell weggie. Leo was laughing and Donnie was laughing so hard he was crying. "My sons!! Stop this instant!!" Master Splinter yelled. "Hai Sensei", the three boys said. Raph set Mikey down. "Guys, it's gonna be dark soon. Let's go", Leo said. All of them grabbed their weapons and went out into the cold, New York City night. The sun set just as the turtles reached top side. "BOOYAKASHA!!" Mikey yelled as they jumped from roof top to roof top. "I think it's time for A team and B team", Leo said. "Ok, let's make sure the city is doing good. Mikey, Donnie, you go left. Raph and I will go right. We meet back at the lair. Ok?" Leo said. "Ok", Raph and Donnie said. All three heads turned to Mikey. "Do you understand?" Leo asked. Mikey thought for a minute. "Mabye you should repeat it", Mikey said. After one more explanation, they were off. Mikey spotted a gang in an alleyway. "Hey!! Let the people go!!" He yelled as the gang ran away. A little boy held a little baby girl wrapped in an orange blanket. The boy was beat up and had blood all over him. "Its ok little dude. Look. What do you need?" Mikey asked. "Take care of my little sister. She's only two days old and mommy's gone", the boy answered, handing the little girl to Mikey and dashing off. "You really think you can handle a little baby girl?" Donnie asked, holding back a laugh. "I can and I will. Results go home Donnie", Mikey said, carrying the baby in his arms.

  "Can I keep her, please please please please!!??" Mikey begged his father/sensei, Master Splinter. "My son. You may keep her, but promise to take good care of her. Are you up for that?" Sensei asked. Mikey nodded. "You know what to do", Sensei said. Mikey nodded and ran to his room.

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