Now The Question Is, What Would You Do?: Raph

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You and Raph sat in a restaurant called Johnny's BBQ. You sat in a booth next to a pregnant woman who was being congratulated. You order food and waited as two guys holding hands walked in. "Hi!" They said and sat down next to the prego lady. "Your Jessy, right?" He asked and the lady nodded. "Your Jason and Ty!! Nice to finally meet you", Jessy said and shook their hands. "Are you really going to let your baby be with them?" The lady from behind you asked. "Well, why not?" Jessy said. "I'm Traci and I believe that you can't to that to your little one miss. He needs a father and a mother to nurse him", Traci said. You looked at Raph as he clenched his fists. "I'll be back", Jessy said and went to the bathroom.

When the coast was clear, Traci leaned over to Ty and Jason. "You guys are incapable of letting that child live. I wouldn't give you my baby", she said and that's when you and Raph blew a fuse. 

You got up and Raph followed after, placing $30 on the table. "Why are you leaving?" Traci asked. You whipped around to face her. "Because your being so rude!! I've never heard anyone do that!! If they're gay and they want to adopt, let them be!!" You said. Raph covered your ears. "You better leave them alone. "Your being a big a*****e and I can't even stand it. Just f**king leave them alone", ha said and unplugged your ears. Raph took your hand and walked out. Right as you exited the place, a ma stopped you outside the door. "Excuse me sir. My name is John Quiñones, and I host a t.v. show called What Would You Do", John said. Raph sighed. "I just couldn't let those words slide", Raph said. "Should it matter the gender of the couple or type?" He asked. "No. We're all people. Honestly I don't understand why people do stuff like that", Raph answered. "And you jumped in too", he said and looked at you. "I really didn't want to hear those words either. My dad told me that this world is crazy with thoughts and he's raised me to help others", you answer.

When you came home, you went straight to your room while Raph told everyone what happened during lunch at the diner. "And that's what happened", he finished and walked into the dojo.

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