First Words: Mikey

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Mikey sat on the couch playing his video games while you sat on the floor with your orange blanket. You smiled as Mikey made it to the next level. "Aww yeah!!" He said. You wanted him to play with you for a bit, so you poked his leg. He didn't budge. You poked again. Nothing. This time, you rolled onto his foot and stared at him. "Dada?", you ask. Mikey looks at you and pauses his game. "You wanna play?" He asked. You nod and he runs to your room. He comes back out with a small ladybug toy. It had foil looking purple wings, orange "antenna", blue body and red legs. You smile as he hands it to you. You smile and play with him.

(Kinda short. I know. But hopefully longer ones coming soon?)

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