You Do Something Bad: Donnie

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You were in Donnie's lab with Donnie and April was on the couch, sleeping. You had been brewing a plan for a while now, and we're going to put it in action. You grabbed scissors and ran out to the main room. April was still asleep.

You tugged at her ponytail. She didn't budge. You opened the scissors and in one swift chop, you cut April's hair to chin length. You ran and threw the hair in a sack and into the little pool. You threw the scissors back in the cupholder and sat down in the lab.

You heard a scream a few seconds later. April stormed into the lab. "DONNIE!!" She cried. You gasped. "What happened?" You and Donnie asked at the same time. "I dunno!! I woke up like this?" She said. "I was here the entire time with dad", you said. Donnie nodded. "Let's examine all the scissors", Donnie said.

He checked every pair of scissor in the lair and near the lair. You were secretly smiling the entire time. You used a type of acid to conceal your finger prints so that it left no trace behind. You kinda forgot to do that with the bag however.

Mikey found it and have it to Donnie who inspected it. "These fingerprints are fresh. If April didn't do it, and this is a human print then that means..." He trailed off in shock. He turned to you. You gulped.

"Why would you do such a thing?!" Donnie yelled once you apologized and April left. You were in your room with all turtles. "Are you out of your mind?! You're turning into Mikey!!" Leo said. "Hey!"
"Not now!" Leo said. "You aren't getting out of this smalls", Raph said. You sighed. "Nope. She can have her electronics. Double her training from twice a week to four times a week for the next month. Charge your stuff", Donnie said, dragging all three of them out of your room.

Once your stuff was at 100%, Donnie took away the charging cables for a whole month. But, thanks to science,
you managed to secretly charge them using fruit. It was something you were proud of.

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