Happy Mutation Day!!: Donnie

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You sat in the dojo as Master Splinter watched you read. Donnie asked if he would watch you for a little while the boys decorated. You set your book down and looked at Master Splinter. "How's it going here?" Donnie asked. "Good my son. How about the party planning?" Master Splinter asked. "Fairly well", he said and ran out of the dojo.

"Naze Karera wa sofu o shite iru no ka?" You asked (What are they doing grandfather?). "Anata no tajobi pati no tame ni kazarimasu", Master Splinter said (Decorating for your birthday party). "Oh", you said.

Soon as the minutes turned to hours, Splinter stopped his meditation to check on you. You were laid down in the floor on your stomach with your book on your head and Hou-ou was perched on top on the book. Splinter chuckled and picked you up. He carried you into your room, with Hou-ou following close behind, the book in his talons. Donnie chuckled as you passed by and tagged along. After Hou-ou was put in his cage and you tucked into bed, both of them continued finishing the decor.

The next morning was a ton of fun for you. You got tons of presents, and voice lessons that April would take you to. Thank god her Aunt taught in many languages, including Japanese. For the rest of the day, you and everyone else had a great time.

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