Mother/Daughter Bonding: Donnie

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You were in the lab, messing around with Hou-ou, when Ally walked in. She smiled at you and you smiled back. "How are you?" She asked. "Good. Hou-ou and I are playing", you responded. "You plan on doing that the whole day?" She asked. You nodded. "Why not go to the Museum?" She asked. Your eyes sparkled as Hou-ou gave you a confused look. "Sorry Hou-ou, I'll be back!!" You said and pet her head. Ally smiled and headed toward the manhole.

The day was awesome!! You guys had lunch at a pizza place and went to the Smithsonian Museum, (the one the movie takes place in, the movie: Night at the museum). You walked around the whole place with eyes filled with wonder. You pointed out a bunch of different animals and such, making funny comments once in a while. Ally was smiling the whole time.

When the both of you got back, you went straight to the lab. Donnie smiled. "How are you two?" He asked. "Good", you both said. Donnie beamed. "Thanks", he said. "No prob", Ally said as Hou-ou tackled you in a hug.

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