Special 9th Birthday: Leo

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You walked out of your room and into the main room, rubbing your eyes. Justin was in your arms as you sat down on the couch. "SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" Everyone yelled and startled you. "Is it really my birthday already?" You asked. They nodded. Next to the couch was a pile of presents wrapped in green paper. You counted 6 presents. You opened them and got many good items, such as new shoes, a hair tie bundle, a sock bun, and a few other objects. Sensei motioned you to follow him. Your dad got up and followed Sensei and you. 

You bowed at Sensei and your father as Leo spoke. "Well, you've improved so much and I'm proud of you, (Y/N)", Leo said. He pulled out a green mask and put it on your face and smiled. "You'll be training with us from now on", Leo said. "But if she's going to be training Leonardo, she'll need a weapon", Splinter said and handed you two katanas in sheaths. "These are yours", Leo said. You smiled and hugged them both. "Thank you!" you happily said. You later on that day, was taught the basics of the katanas. 

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