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You were in class when someone slipped a note on your desk. You opened it up and it said the cutest thing ever:

You wanna know who I like?
       Read the first word again.

You blushed and noticed this handwriting had to be only one person's.


You walked up to Bert, who was cleaning his locker. He closed t and looked at you. You held up the note and he blushed. "Well, looks like you got my note", he said. You blushed. "So it is you!!i knew it!!" You said. Bert smiled and grabbed your hand and kissed the back of it. "Would you be mine?" He asked. You nodded and hugged him. The warning bell rang and you ran to class.

When you got home, you went straight to the lab since today everyone was training. Ally was spinning in the rolly chair and stopped when she saw you. "Hey (y/n)!!" She said. You saw next to her on a stool and she looked at you.

"Spill. I know you gotta secret",
She said and you laughed. You told her everything that happened and you blushed a couple of times. "You promise not to tell!!" You asked. "I promise", Ally said and crossed her heart. You pinky swore with her. "If you break the promise, I will cut your finger off ",  you said. "Ok", Ally said and laughed.

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