Special 9th Birthday: Mikey

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You sat up in bed from a nightmare you were having recently. You wiped the sweat off your forehead as Mikey came in. "Happy Birth- Woah!" He said. You had dried tears on your face and sweat still on you. Mikey picked you up and hugged you. "He won't get to you. He'll go through me first", he said. You nodded as he carried you out. He handed you to Donnie who held you. Mikey dragged out a few boxes from behind the t.v. and set them near the couch. Donnie handed you to Leo, who sat you down. You had a full day of opening presents and eating cake.

At the end, Master Splinter called you into the dojo. He gave you nun-chucks and you hit yourself in the head trying to do a trick.

The next day, you trained for a few good hours. But that's nothing compared to what happened a few weeks after...

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