Meeting Humans/Christmas Time!!: Raph

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  You were sitting in the dojo, watching your dad spare with Leo. Leo kicked Raph and cut his arm. Raph retaliated and threw Leo across the room. Leo wiped his mouth and stopped Raph. "Ok, ok, you win", He said. You smiled. This was the 5th time Raph beat Leo this week. Raph looked at you and smirked. He nodded to Leo and Leo nodded. "WE HAVE WITTNESES!!" Ralph screamed and ran after you. You ran for it as Leo and Raph both chased you until you dropped to the couch. Raph then grabbed you and tickled you. You were laughing like crazy. Raph put you down after a few minutes, but you weren't taking chances. You made a run for it as soon as you could. Ralph grabbed you by your shirt and dragged you to the couch and sat you down. 

  At the same time, a girl and what looked like her boyfriend walked in. "Sorry, the Lady Gaga concert is next door", You said. The girl looked at you and the boy laughed. "Smart kid, Raph", he said. "(Y/N), this is April, Donnie's girlfriend, and Casey", Raph said. April blushed. "HEY!!" Donnie yelled. You laughed. "So, when's the wedding?" You added. Casey and your dad fell over because they were laughing so hard. April's face heated up as Donnie stormed out of his lab. "WHICH ONE OF YOU JERKS KEEPS SAYING THAT KINDA STUFF?!" He yelled. "Mikey", You, Casey, and Raph said, pointing to Mikey, who was playing video games. "Wa-" 

  "COME'RE YOU!!" Donnie said and chased Mikey around. "So? Are we doing last one standing or what?" Casey said and walked to the dojo. Everyone stopped what they were doing and entered as well. All four turtles sat down and you sat down next to Leo on the end. April and Casey stood up. "Hajime!!" Sensei said. Everyone got up. You stayed close to Splinter just in case. Everyone circled each other. Ralph got Mikey and April out no problem. Donnie was against Casey, but Casey dodged Donnie's attack and hit Leo, and Leo was then out. Raph knocked Casey out of the challenge by head butting him. Donnie did some weird thing with his staff and re-did his posture. "Don't worry Donnie, I'm in a good mood today. I might go easy on you", Raph said. "Don't do any favors for me, Raph", He said. Donnie looked at April and she smiled at him, making Donnie blush. "In fact, you might be the one being gone easy, yeah", Donnie said. 

  Raph cracked his knuckles and then his neck and tackled Donnie. Donnie managed to get out of his grip and got Raph down. ALMOST. Raph did a push up and knocked Donnie down, then sat on him. "Thanks for going easy on me, pal", Raph said. You giggled as April ran to Donnie. You and Casey stiffened you laughs as much as you could as April looked at Donnie. "Are you ok?" She asked. "A little. Everything is broke, including my pride", He said and groaned. All four of you exchanged glances and then burst into laughter. April shot Casey, Leo, and Raph a mean glare. "What?" Leo said and walked off. Raph checked the clock and noticed it read 11:01. "Time for bed", he said and picked you up. He set you down in your bed and kissed your forehead. You fell asleep as soon as he closed the door. 

  The next morning, you woke up and looked around. Your dad hadn't come in yet, so you decided to do it your way. You threw the pillow out of the crib and onto the floor and climbed over it and landed on the pillow. You grabbed your blanket and waddled to the door. You tried to grab the knob, but you were too short. This was a big issue for you. You rarely grew. Ever since Raph had adopted you, you didn't grow more than a couple inches by the month. You jumped and grabbed the knob and hung there. You put your feet on the door and twisted the knob. The door opened a little, so you slid down the door and opened it more, grabbing your blanket, you ran out and shut the door by slamming it. When you walked out to the main room, everyone turned around. Beads of sweat were sliding down your face. "Someone's up", Raph said and picked you up. He set you down on the couch and sat down next to you. You noticed a giant green thing next to the t.v. and got up. You touched the tree and also found little multi-colored balls hanging by wires on the tree as well. You saw many boxes with bright colors underneath the tree. Ralph grabbed a green pile of boxes and put them next to you. You gave him a confused look. 

  "Those are for you", Raph said and passed out the piles of boxes. Everyone opened their gifts, had fun, and went home/asleep with wonderful christmas-spirted dreams. 

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