Happy Mutation Day!!: Mikey

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You were doing cart-wheels on the floor of the dojo when Mikey walked in. He picked you up and swung you around. "And how's my little superhero?" Mikey asked. You gave a thumbs-up. He smiled. "Good", he said.
"Alright. I know you've been practicing, so let's try again", he said. He set you down as you got ready. "Front flip", he said. You front flipped into a somersault. "Back handspring!" He called. You did that and landed on you toes. "Back bend into handstand into front flip", he said. You bent and stood and did a flip in mid air, landing on your behind. You laughed as you got up.

"Are you ok (y/n)?" He asked. You nodded. He smiled again. "Good", he said. He ruffles your hair. "That's enough practice for today. I have to decorate for your birthday", he said and dashed out. You ran out of the dojo and into your room where you found a whole bin of comics Mikey had found while he was on patrol. You started on (favorite superhero comic) and soon read it all (well, looked at the pictures, but who cares?!)

You sat and read comics for a while until bedtime. Mikey came in, picked you up and tucked you in. "Night my little Superhero", he said.

In the morning, you were showered with presents and gifts and you were extremely excited since the next day you would train with your father. Life was good for you.

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