Your In Some Deep Shit Today: Raph

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You were panting in the dojo as Raph leaned against the wall. "Why do I have to train?! Why won't you tell me!!" You yelled. "Because you lied to me!! Why should I tell you?!" Raph said. "Lied about what?!" You asked/yelled. "About Crutchie!!" He yelled. "Umm about that...", you said. "Lay off her Raph!!" Ash yelled as she walked in carrying Akio. Akio was rubbing her eyes as she looked around. "Why should I when the guy she's dating doesn't even have a working leg?!" Raph yelled. Ash and you growled deeply. Ash handed Akio to you and grabbed Raph's hand. "What the hell are you doing?!" Raph asked. "We. Need. To. Talk!!" Ash angrily said.

They didn't return for an hour. But when they walked in, Ash grabbed Akio from you and winked. "Your cool now", she mouthed. You smiled and she gave you a thumbs up and walked out. "I'm sorry that I judged your "friend". I sounded like a hypocrite", Raph said hanging his head. You smiled and hugged your dad. "It's ok. You didn't know", you said. You spotted your sais and grabbed them. You handed your dad's sais to him and he smiled. "Your going down!!" He yelled and started chasing you.

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