Saving You: Leo

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  You sat up in your cage as Tigerclaw shook it violently. You opened your eyes and huddled up in a ball in the corner. "Stockman, you better have her throw in mutagen soon. We wouldn't want Master Shredder to be angry with us again", Tigerclaw said to a fly-man passing by. Your cage was pulled up by an automatic machine and you were dangling by a chain, over a huge tube of what looked like green slime. You gulped at the sight of your fall. "Now to lower the tezzzzt zzzubject", Stockman said and pushed a button. "Not on our watch Stoupman!!" Mikey yelled. All four turtles dropped from the ceiling beams and stood near Stockman. "Donnie and Mikey, take the machine. Raph, you get Tigerclaw. I'm getting (y/n)", Leo said. Donnie ran over to Stockman and Mikey distracted him as Donnie stopped the lowering of the cage. Your dad jumps up on the rim of the huge tube and jumps on the cage. He unlocks you and grabs you out. The chain starts to topple as he jumps with you in his arms. "Retreat!!" Leo yelled at his brothers. They jumped up with him and escaped. "Damn!! I thought we had them!!" Tigerclaw yelled. Stockman hid in a corner of the room.

   "I'm dry your uncle wasn't paying ATTENTION!!" Leo said and chased him around the room. "It wasn't my fault!!" Donnie yelled as Leo threw a ninja star at him. "I'm going to hurt you so bad when you stop running!!" Leo said.

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