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You shoved everything in your suitcase without folding. Kitty watched you in the doorframe. You struggled to close it but you eventually closed it and rolled it to the living room. "Ok. I've got everything!!" You said.

On the bus, (bff) and Blink both melted away your nervousness. Blink kept making jokes while (bff) found funny pictures in her photo album. "Hey guys!!" Andraya yelled from the from. "What?!" The rest of the class yelled.

"Ya don't need money when your famous, they gives ya what ever ya want gradus", Race, Blink's best friend yelled. "Such as?" Blink said.

A pair a new shoes with matchin' laces

Permanent box if the shoes had races

Pastrami on rye with a sour pickle

My personal puss on a wooden nickel!!

Look at me, I'm the king of New York!!
Suddenly, I'm respectable staring rift at chya, lousy with statchya.

The song continued and everyone tapped in their seats. When you arrived at Disneyland, the week went amazing!! You won first place as a team and Blink won first place for dancing.

Mikey greeted you when you came home and Kitty hugged you.

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