Now The Question Is, What Would You Do?: Leo

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(A/n: Video is the actually scenario that went on)

You were with Leo, shopping at a grocery store and out to get lunch. You grabbed frozen pizzas, bread, Nutella, cheese slices for Sensei, ice cream, and applesauce. Leo paid and you both walked to the lair, dropped off the stuff, and went to Café LeBrew, which had amazing sandwiches and coffee. You both sat down on the patio table and order drinks. Leo and you chatted for a few minutes while you sipped some water. A loud car roar echoed in the restaurant as a black Cadillac pulled up with both windows down. The lady got out and said to her phone, "I'll only be a few minutes, just got to grab something ok?" You and Leo watched as she walked into the restaurant. You both went back to your conversation. A few minutes later, a man in a hoodie walked up to the car and started stealing some valuables. Leo got up and walked out of the place and by the time he was out of the restaurant, Leo ran after him. You followed Leo and soon saw him about to lay a punch when a man ran out behind you and yelled, "Sir!! Please don't hurt him." The man pulled Leo off the burglar, and shook his hand. "I'm John Quiñones, the host of a t.v. show called, What Would You Do", he said and Leo let out a relieved sigh. "I was about to kill him", he said. "Say hi to Gabriel, our actor", John said as you hugged Leo's leg. Leo shook gads with the man as they interview him.

When you both got back, Mikey greeted the two of you. "How was lunch?" He asked. You looked at Leo and vise versa. "Unusual", you both said.

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