Now The Question Is, What Would You Do?: Mikey

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You held Mikey's hand and walked down the street to a local sandwich place. As soon as you walked out, across the street, you saw a nanny and a little girl, the nanny yelling at the little girl to pick up her crayons that the nanny purposely pushed off the table. You growled under your breath. Mikey noticed this and looked at the scene across the way. Mikey picked you up, and walked over to the nanny and girl. "I'm sorry, but you can't do that to little girls", he said and set you down. You ran over to the girl and started to help her pick up the crayons while Mikey told the nanny off.

"What's you name? I'm (y/n)", you asked. "Ava. My mommy trusts this woman to babysit me but she always does this", Ava said. You nodded at her an soon picked all the crayons up. "Well she's white, and can't do anything correct", the nanny said. "My daughter is white, how dare you say that!!" Mikey fumed. "Well, it's not your place at all", she said. "Yes it is because if you were babysitting my child, I'd sue you", he said. "Excuse me sir?" A man said behind us. I looked up. He had a whole camera crew. "Hi John", Mikey said and John laughed. "Yes and this is What Would You Do", John said. "Oh my god", he said.

"You stepped up for the girl, why?" He asked. "Like I said, I'd sue her if it were my daughter", Mikey said. You explained that at school you were bullied sometimes as well and Mikey put a quick stop to it.

After a long interview and chat with the actors, you and Mikey went home. Both of you told everyone what happened. After you did, you played video games with Mikey until dinner.

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