You Do Something Bad: Leo

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(Before your leg)

You were in your room playing with a super rare and valuable action figure that Leo gave you a few days ago. Hey, your stuffed animals need a few more friends that were full of fluff. You were preparing your cardboard boxed ship and put Captain Ryan in. The box sailed over a desk and chair, the fountain of youth (the sink), soft county (the couch) and finally the home base (dojo). You set the action figure on the edge of the box and tied your hair in a ponytail. CROSSOVER TIME!! You thought.

You pulled out two side bangs from your ponytail and curled them with your finger. "I refuse to move out of the way!!" You said, trying to mimic the princess from Super Mecha Force Five. You crossed your arms and flailed your arms. The next 10 seconds went in slow motion. The figure flung across the room as you shouted no. It hit a wall and set itself down. You sighed in relief. The arm of the figure then broke off. Your eyes widened as you grabbed the box and figure and ran to your room.

"Nice cosplay!!" Mikey yelled from the main room as you dashed by. "She doesn't know what that means Mikey", Leo said and changed the channel.

You panicked and ran your fingers through your hair. "What am I going to do?!" You whispered. You heard a knock on the door. "Do you want lunch (y/n)?" Leo asked. "Uhhhh...sure?" You said. You grabbed your backpack and packed a few things before sneaking over to the entrance of the lair. Just as you were about to make a run for it, someone grabbed you by the jacket.

"And where do you think your going?" Raph asked as he held you in mid air. "Ummmmmmmmmm.....

out?" You said. He shook his head. "Leo!! Your kid's tryin ta run away!!" Raph yelled. Leo ran out of the kitchen and took you to your room. He shut the door behind him and sat down next to you. "Why would you do that?" He asked.

At this point, you totally lost it. "I-I broke the arm of the most rare and valuable thing in the lair!!" You cried. Leo gave you a soft smile. "The arm pops right back in", he said. You dried your tears. "And the most valuable thing in the lair is our family", Leo said before he kissed your forehead and walked out.

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