Finding You: Raphael

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Donnie spun his staff around and stared at his older brother, Raph. Raph cracked his neck. "Alright Donnie. Put down the staff, and no one gets hurt", Raph said. "You said that last time Raph, then you hurt me", Donnie said. "Yeah, but I wouldn't have!!" Raph said. After many minutes of combat, Raph grabbed the staff from Donnie's hand. He spun it and snapped it in half. "Should've dropped the staff?" Donnie asked with a worried tone. "Should've dropped the staff", Raph nodded before spinning them and beating Donnie's shell like a drum. "Ok, ok, I'M DOWN!!" Donnie said as Raph smirked. "Training is done, my sons", Master Splinter, their Sensei said. All four of them bowed. Raph got out and sat down. He heard a crying sound. "I'll be back", he said.

He followed the sound of crying till he saw a little basket floating in the sewer water. A large waterfall was up ahead. Raph dove into the gross water and grabbed the basket just in time. He opened it and inside was a little girl wrapped inside a red blanket. A note was attached to it. It said, "Please take my little girl. I am a poor man and I need someone to look after her. She was born on June 1st, 2012. Please take care of her". "Thats yesterday", Raph thought. He smiled as he carried the basket and girl back home.

When he came in, his brothers looked at him. "How did you get her?" Leo asked. "I found her and saved her. I'm keeping her", Raph said. "And you may, my son", Sensei said. Raph bowed and went into his room.

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