First Day Of School: Donnie

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You had your (h/c) hair in a super neat bun on your head. Your side bangs that stuck out a lot were in front of your ear. You school uniform was a black shirt and gray tie, a black, white, and green plaid skirt, black socks, and white shoes. Your bag was packed with lunch, your purple blanket, and some lyrics to a song in Hawaiian. You could speak English very well thanks to April's aunt Jamie and Donnie. You tightened the tie and grabbed your green backpack. You and Donnie walked out of the lair and up to the streets of New York. Donnie kissed the top of your hair when you reached school. You ran into class. "Hi I'm Miss Kimo", Miss Kimo said as you rushed by. You set your stuff down and ran to the teacher. "I was informed there was a piano", you said. The teacher pointed to a piano in the corner of the room. You ran to it and sat down. You pulled out a song from your backpack and opened to the first page and started singing in class.
The teacher smiled. A boy walked in and noticed you singing and ran over and joined. You noticed him and smiled while playing. When you finished he smiled at you. "Bert", he said. "(Y/n)", you said. Another girl ran in. "Bert!! You left me!!" She said. "This is my twin", he said. "I'm (bff's name)", she said.

The whole day you played with Bert and his sister and had fun on your first day. When you got home, Hou-ou greeted you by landing on your shoulder. "How was your day?" Leo asked. "Good", you said. You ran to your room where you kicked off your shoes, ran back out and turned on the t.v. and watched Disney movies.

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