Something REALLY BAD Happens: Raph

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You were in your room with Venus when you heard a knock at the door. Mikey opened it and handed you a jug of green slime. "Hide this", he said and dashed out. You put it on your nightstand and ran out of your room. You walked to get a glass of water and to ask Mikey what the green slime was.

During this time, Venus was on the bed and kicked the mutagen over. It cracked a little but didn't break. Venus then head butted it and she sat in the canister.

"And that's what mutagen is", Donnie finished as you walked into your room. You closed the door and gasped. On the floor was a turtle girl that was your age and was a light green skin color. She looked like your father without the mask. You smiled and ran back out. "DAD!! THERES AN 11 YEAR OLD TURTLE IN MY ROOM!! I THINK ITS VENUS!!" You yelled. Raph ran right to you and opened your door.

"What's your name?" Raph asked. "Venus. I know you Raphael. And your daughter, or my best friend, (y/n)", she said. You smiled and walked over to her. She was a few inches taller than you but you were glad that you had someone to talk to and who answers back.

Raph shrugged and walked out. You ripped a long piece of light blue fabric from an old cloth and cut two holes in it. You tied it to her face and braided it the rest of the way down and tied it again. She smile. "I love it", she said and smiled. "Good, cause Mikey is in trouble", Donnie said and yelled his name. Mikey was then being chased around by Donnie for a while.

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