First Words: Leo

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(A/n: so you're like 3-4 months old now and it's your first Halloween and word.)

  You sat on the couch with your daddy, watching Space Heroes. You smiled at the screen. "Well, you know what they say, like father, like daughter", your uncle Donnie said as he walked into his lab. Leo rolled his eyes. Both you're stomachs grumbled. Leo laughed. "I guess you're hungry", Leo said. You look at him. He picks you up and puts you in your high chair in the kitchen. Thanks to April, she brought some baby stuff for you. She comes by every now and then when your asleep and gives Leo stuff. She's never seen you awake, only little peaks of your shady self asleep.

  "Pasta and yogurt or hot dogs and bananas?" Leo asked, holding out a banana and a little yogurt package. You pointed at the (banana or yogurt). While you ate, Leo ate lunch as well. Uncle Mikey came in and grabbed a water bottle. "Hi (y/n), hi Leo", he quickly said and walked out. After a decent meal, Leo sat down on the couch while you played with your little blue blanket. You've had this blanket ever since Leo found you. Leo promised himself that he'd never tell you that you were adopted. Until the time was right, at least.

  As he sat on the couch, he watched you play with your blanket. You had wrapped it around yourself and rolled around on the floor. You look at Leo and pointed at him. "Dada", you say. Leo's eyes widen. He then smiles and picks you up. "Yes. I am your dada!!" Leo said. You laugh along with your dad as he sits back down on the couch. "And I always will be", he said as you try to reach for the remote.

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