Something REALLY BAD Happens: Leo

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(Before you got the leg broken)

You were in the main room with Justin, you dog, playing with a bone you got for him. You'd throw it and he'd get it. This time, you threw it and it went into Donnie's lab by accident. Justin ran after it and into the lab. Donnie wasn't in there, and the lights were off. Earlier, Donnie was doing a project, so he had his stuff out. Justin ran into a desk by accident and a cup full of mutagen was poured on him. He howled as his eyes grew out f his head, his head turned into an armadillo kind of head, his hands and feet dissolved into a pink blob that his head sat on. His large brown eyes went dark brown. He wimpered.

You walked into the lab and turned on the lights. You then screamed really loud and broke the light, and the power in the lab went out.

Raph and Leo were sparring with Donnie and Mikey when they all heard the scream. "(Y/n)!! I'm coming hold on!!" He yelled and grabbed his katanas. He ran to the lab and opened the door. Donnie tried flicking the lights on, but it was no use. He groaned and took out his flashlight.

They searched the whole room and couldn't find you. Well, that's because you were on the ceiling. Justin held a tentacle over your mouth and stick to the ceiling. Mikey found the empty mutagen can and Leo's eyes widened. Justin threw you over by the garage and you fell. You tried to fend him off after you screamed, but he was just afraid and scared and attacked you. You were cut and bruised.

Raph went over to where the thump came from. He tripped over you. He noticed it was you as Donnie fixed the light. Justin was still in the same spot. Leo's eyes widened when he saw you. He pushed Raph out of the way and picked you up. It felt like someone punched him in the gut. He hated seeing you beat up. Justin came down from the ceiling and went over to you. "It's ok Justin", you said and pet him. He smiled slightly with his toothless mouth. "It was mutated and attacked her. He meant no harm however", Donnie said.

Leo nodded. He and Donnie fixed you up and you and Justin spent the rest of the day playing.

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