Happy Mutation Day!!: Leo

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You were in bed at the moment when Leo had been meditating. All day, he felt like something was suppose to be done, but he let it slide and played with you instead. When you were in bed, he decided to meditate on it. He sat on the dojo floor, ad thought for about an hour and soon gave up. He got up and sat down on the couch. Donnie was talking to Raph as yet both came out of the lab.

"I'm telling you Donnie, that you need to stop doing stuff in your lab!! Your gonna miss Christmas, Halloween, your birthday", Raph said. Leo dropped the remote. That's right!! Tomorrow was your birthday, and Leo was suppose to prepare your stuff tonight!!

"Donnie!! I need the watch!!" Leo said as he went to grab a sweater. "What? Why?" Donnie asked. "(Y/n)'s birthday!! I totally forgot about it!!" Leo said as he grabbed spare money from his nightstand and dashed to Donnie. He handed him a watch and Leo put it on. In a couple seconds, e turned fro turtle to human. He ten put on his coat and bolted out of the lair.

Leo shopped for about 4 hours and finally came home, pushing two shopping carts full of food and party stuff and presents for you and wrapping paper and stuff. He wrapped everything in record time, then texted April and Casey about tomorrow and decorated the lair. Mikey helped Leo bake the cake and frost it, then they put it in the fridge. Donnie made homemade ice cream and stored it in the fridge. Casey came over by himself as help the boys decorate. Master Splinter had been decorating the dojo as well and he had his present for his granddaughter already.

At about midnight, everyone finished and crashed on the floor. Splinter went into his room and slept there, but Leo, Donnie, Raph, Mikey, and Casey all crashed on the floor.

Mikey woke everyone up at 7 as April walked in. Once everyone was up, April wrapped her present and put it in a pile with the boys' other presents. She an everyone else sat on the couch and waited while Leo went to awaken you.

He opened the door and woke you up. When he picked you up, he handed you your blue blanket as well and walked out. Everyone watched as Leo set you down and you ran to Master Splinter and he picked you up.

You opened your presents right after eating cake with everyone. You got a collar for Justin from Raph, a pack of hairties from April, a soccer ball from Casey, a penny board from Mikey (and lessons from him), and a dollhouse from Donnie (for your Space Heroes action figures). Leo held his present out to you from his hand. It was a stone in a metal frame. "This is your birthstone, the Alexandrite. I promise to give you one every birthday you have", Leo said. You smiled at him and took the stone. Leo pulled out a little chain and linked the stone onto the chain. You smiled and Master Splinter looked at you. "Come young one", he said and took you to the dojo.

"You have my permission to train with your father and uncles, if you'd like", he said. You nodded and walked back out with him. Leo picked you up and swung you around in a circle. You laughed as he laughed along with you, smiling the whole time.

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