Break Both Ends: Leo

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You sat down in the kitchen, eating when Leo came in. You heard a slam and Leo sighed. "What happened?!" You asked. He glared at the fridge door and slammed it shut. "I don't think well be seeing Monica for a while", he said and walked out. You cocked an eyebrow and finished your food and grabbed your backpack. "Bye", you said an walks  out with your head down.

When you got to school, you went straight to your locker. "Hey!!" Jack said. You gave him a sad look as you pushed past him. "(Y/n)?" He asked as you walked away. Nothing cheered you up today. Not even Fishstick Friday. Not even the cake for dessert. Not even that everyone congratulated you on your performance. Nothing. At the end of the day, you went to your locker. The school was empty, other than a few others like teachers and the student council. You walked into the library and sat down in a private computer box. Someone tapped your shoulder an  You looked up. "What Jack? I'm busy", you said. "Woah!! I just wanted to ask why you're upset today", he asked. "I'm not upset", you said.

"Then why are you avoiding me?!"

"It's just rough at home ok!!"

"Do you hate me?!"



"Maybe I do!!"
The rest happened in slow motion. You felt a sting on your face as you fell out of the chair. "I'm sor-" "Save it", you said and walked out with your backpack.

When you got home, Leo jumped up. "What happened?!" Raph asked as Donnie inspected you. "I-I broke up with Jack", you choked back tears. "Wha?" Leo said. "Because he accused me of hating him", you said and ran to your room. You wrapped a sheet around you and cried.

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