Now The Question Is, What Would You Do?: Donnie

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After a quick stop at a Starbucks to get hot chocolate, you and Donnie were walking in a park, enjoying the scenery. You walked by a boy, abusing his girlfriend and calling her names. You pulled over with your dad and whispered to him. "Sono on'nanoko ga hitto shi, namae no chichi to yoba rete imasu. Watashitachi wa nani o shite imasu ka?" You asked (that girl is being hit and called names father. What do we do?). "You help the girl, I'll handle the boy", he said. You nodded and rushed to the girl and blocked a kick with your arms as Donnie threw the boy to the ground. "What the heck are you thinking?!" Donnie said. "She's being an extreme nitwit!" The boy yelled. "Are you ok?" I asked the girl. "No. He's been doing this for ten minutes", she said. "This is none of your business", the boy said. "You made it ours because you abused someone that is a human!" You yelled. The girl wept into her hands and whispered, "If he finds anything out, he'll just hurt me more." Donnie handed you his T-phone. "Call the police", he said. You dialed 9-1-1 and they answered. "Hello? You dialed 9-1-1?" The lady said. "I'm in Central Park ad a boy is abusing his girlfriend and she's bruised and cut up", You said. "Ok. We'll send officer John over", he said.

A few minutes later, a man came with his camera crew and Donnie face-palmed. "Hi sir. I'm John Quiñones, the host of a show called What Would You Do", he said and Donnie gave a nervous laugh. "I was ready to kill him", Donnie said as everyone laughed.

"Why did you step up for her?" He asked you. "I just could stand seeing someone being beat up and bullied on so I told my dad that she was hurt and needed help so he was like 'go help the girl, I'll handle him' so we helped", you said. "I hate seeing stuff like this."

When you got home, you told everyone what happened and they stared at you with wide eyes. "Your kidding right?" Mikey asked. You shook your head. "All real", you said and ran to your room, where you spent the rest of the day reading a book that Donnie gave you very recently. You couldn't wait to see yourself in t.v.

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