Saving You: Raph

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  You were in an abandoned warehouse with a giant turtle starring at you. You were throw inside a glass container about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. He would growl every now and then, and stare at you. "If only Raphael had accepted me instead of his stupid brothers. I would  be with him right now instead of him having you", he said. You pounded on the glass. "Not a chance. This is the strongest glass ever. No one can break it", he said and swing his weapon at the box. "Even me."

  The large turtle sat down again with his weapon propped up against the wall. You bit your tongue in order to hold your tears in. You've been here for days without any food or water. You were losing hope by the minute. Scratch that, second. Suddenly, the warehouse door burst open and there stood your father. "!!" He yelled at the turtle. The large turtle stood up and grabbed his weapon. They fought head to head for a few minutes, and soon Raph knocked the turtle off his feet. Raph ran over to you and put his hands on the glass. His eyes shed worried as he pounded his fists on the glass. He stood back and punched it, you closing your eyes as the glass shattered and he grabbed you. He jumped up the rafters of the warehouse and escaped through a hole in the roof.

  Once he got you back in, he sat you down on the couch. "Now, for today's lesson, I'm teaching your UNCLE MIKEY a lesson he'll never forget", Raph said and cracked his knuckles and neck. Mikey gulped. "Come're you!!" Raph yelled s he chased Mikey around. "Mercy!!" He yelled. "No mercy!!" Raph said d grabbed your uncle, throwing him down the hallway. You had a giggle-fit just watching them, glad to be back home.

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