You Graduate: (Everyone)

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You woke up in bed and jumped out. You put on your school clothes and raced out of the lair. Leo and (turtles girlfriend) were coming to your graduation. (Your sibling), since he/she was 3, was being babysat by Ollie. Splinter and the other turtles were all going too.

You got to school and (bf) was waiting for you. You ran up to him and he hugged you, kissing the top of your head. "Hey graduate", (bff) said. You hugged her too and her boyfriend waved. You were so happy you were spending your graduation with your best friend and boyfriend.

After school, you went home and changed into a light green dress. You put on shoes and walked to graduation. Your family would catch up later but you stood out in front of the school and waited. The band was play for graduation.

Back stage, an hour before, you spotted (bf) and dragged your friend over to him. He was in a tux and his hair was slicked back. He kissed you and you smiled at him. "You look beautiful", he said. "You too. I mean handsome!!" You said back. He smirked as you blushed and looked away.

The graduation was amazing!! There was a party for students only. As an 17 year old, it was so much fun!! You and your bff were talking the whole time, with (bf) by your side at all times.

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